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help to convert memorable photos to animated photo flipbooks
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10 March 2013

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This is a tool for creation of flipbooks from images.

This is a tool that helps users create flipbooks from images. Flipbooks are an interesting and attractive way to present content. In today’s Internet game, it is essential that the visitors you are able to get to your site, should stay around and look at the content presented. The flipbooks that you create through this tool have the facility to add audio track to the presentation. The flip page animation gives the visitors the feel of reading a printed book. At a personal level this is a nice tool to share your travel images or even other photos with friends and family. Further sharing is possible through share controls available on the content created. To make it easy for non-tech savvy people, you can start your design from templates provided. There is no need to have Flash knowledge or any other programming skills.

This is a standalone program and there is no need to use anything else to make it run. All you need are the images/photographs you want to use. You are able to see what exactly has happened after conversion. The preview player helps in looking through the content easily. Besides the play controls (forward, reverse and so on) you have controls available for turning on the audio, display full-screen, etc. Zoom control, email for sharing, as well as social sharing controls are available. This is a good utility that is easy to use. If you wanted to experiment with a tool like this, this is a fit candidate to try.

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You must have received many gifts, but also send a lot of gifts. However, do you know what the best gift is? As the say in English, "It is the thought that counts." The most important to gift is not expensive, but whether the heart and sincere. The time when friends celebrate birthday, holidays or wedding, thinking what presents to give is a real problem. Do you still remember what we play as a child? The most impressive game is making "Paper Animation", also called flip book. Flip the book page, we can enjoy the animation in paper, so funny and amazing it is.
Nowadays, Flip book animation effect can also be achieve in your photos. The Image to Flipping book software is the one which can help to convert memorable photos to animated photo flipbooks. View on the animated photo flipbooks, you will find that it seems to enjoy the paper animation. Give animated photo flipbook as the gift, which records our happiness, must be the perfect gift, right? Besides, the Flipbook software provides many templates and themes, for you to make a wonderful and amazing flipping photo book. According to your need, you can also enable show share, search, thumbnail guide tool etc on flipbook. So that people can use those functions directly while enjoy the flip book animation.
It is time for bring your photos to a new level, no matter it comes from weddings, birthday and business travel. Apply Flipbook software to make a unique and exciting gift to surprise someone.
Image to Flipping Book
Image to Flipping Book
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